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What is Cozify?

Cozify is a wireless smart home hub that is easy to set-up, use and expand – and it looks great! The Cozify Hub connects smart devices from different manufacturers into one seamlessly working entity. Everything is controlled from the intuitive Cozify application.

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Examples of use


Get notifications to your mobile device when your child arrives home from school.

Pleasant wake-up

Set the lights and music to turn on gently in the morning for a pleasant wake-up experience.

Responsive living

Turn on dimmed lights automatically at night time.

Welcome home

Automatically turn on/off your smart devices such as lights and music as you enter your home.

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Our current offerings

Motion detection
Wireless audio playback
Power sockets
Mobile device presence
Temperature detection
Water leakage detection
Door sensors
Window sensors
Smoke sensors
Air Patrol air pumps
Relay Units (DIN)
Blinds & shades
Smoke-siren sensor
Carbon monoxide sensors
Carbon dioxide sensors
Humidity sensors
Dry relays

We are updating our features and device support continuously

Detailed list of all supported devices

Easy To Use

The intuitive drag&drop rule creation is easy to use. Anyone can install and setup Cozify. Everything is DIY. We’ve made sure managing and automating your home is as effortless and enjoyable as possible. No professional installation necessary.

Download the free Cozify app from the Android or iOS app store:

Android iOS

Customer testimonials

Cozify has been used in homes since May 2014

“ There's always room for improvement, but you've done amazing work so far. Thanks for that! :) It's great to follow how Cozify constantly grows and improves! "

Iiro S.

32years doctor/musician, Ylöjärvi

“ Good device with huge potential. It's nice to have a domestic alternative. The phase of new features being added to Cozify has been very pleasing. "

Jani E.

39years R&D Leader, Pirkkala

“ I use Cozify home automation to create different moods to my home with RGB lights. It's also convenient to be able to control different manufacturers' devices now with a single application. With smart power socket I get all my entertainment devices on and off with a single click, or automatically depending on situation.

Mikko L.

38years designer, London, UK

" I've used Cozify to colorfully lighten my home and its terrace. When my son arrives from school, I get a notification about it to my phone. I like especially the easiness of use and the close customer relationship with Cozify. Now I'm waiting for the new security features to arrive.

Niklas T.

43years family father, Tapiola, Finland

“ I was pleasantly surprised how easy to use the new home automations systems are! "

Petri V.

39years family father, Pirkanmaa

" Out of the several wireless home automation systems I've tried, Cozify has been the best in combining the easiness of use without limiting its features. Plus it looks good! I use Cozify mostly to monitor my house and to control the lights. As a next feature I'd like Cozify to add support for an ip-camera and a more advanced location detection.

Mikko N.

41v UX designer, Vantaa, Finland

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