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“ I use Cozify home automation to create different moods to my home with RGB lights. It's also convenient to be able to control different manufacturers' devices now with a single application. With smart power socket I get all my entertainment devices on and off with a single click, or automatically depending on situation.

Mikko L.

38years designer, London, UK

“ There's always room for improvement, but you've done amazing work so far. Thanks for that! :) It's great to follow how Cozify constantly grows and improves! "

Iiro S.

32years doctor/musician, Ylöjärvi

" I've used Cozify to colorfully lighten my home and its terrace. When my son arrives from school, I get a notification about it to my phone. I like especially the easiness of use and the close customer relationship with Cozify. Now I'm waiting for the new security features to arrive.

Niklas T.

43years family father, Tapiola, Finland

" Out of the several wireless home automation systems I've tried, Cozify has been the best in combining the easiness of use without limiting its features. Plus it looks good! I use Cozify mostly to monitor my house and to control the lights. As a next feature I'd like Cozify to add support for an ip-camera and a more advanced location detection.

Mikko N.

41v UX designer, Vantaa, Finland

“ Good device with huge potential. It's nice to have a domestic alternative. The phase of new features being added to Cozify has been very pleasing. "

Jani E.

39years R&D Leader, Pirkkala

“ I was pleasantly surprised how easy to use the new home automation systems are! "

Petri V.

39years family father, Pirkanmaa