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Heiman Smart Door and Window Sensor

29.90 €

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Heiman Smart Door and Window Sensor

Heiman Smart Door and Window sensor is a battery powered ZigBee-device and easily mounted to the door or window frame with sturdy tape included in the package.

Works beautifully with Cozify Hub to enable alerts and automation of your home.


Exciting features

  • Shut off AC when window is opened
  • Get notification when door or window is opened
  • Extend burglary alarm coverage to window and doors


Turn alarm on when door or window opens.

Get notification when door is opened

With Cozify Hub, create a rule to send notification door or window is opened.

Shut off a device when window is opened

With Cozify Hub, create a rule to shut off a device e.g. with a smart power plug or AirPatrol, if window or wdoor is opener. With this you can shut off AC or ventilation machinewhen the window is opened.

Battery DC3V (battery ncluded)
Operating environment
Wireless Radio ZigBee HA1.2 NXP
Working humidity ≤ 95 % RH

60 mm × 30 mm × 12 mm (body)
60 mm x 13 mm x 13 mm (magnet)

Color White / Grey