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Dry Contact Relay

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Dry Contact Relay

Dry contact relay to control any device

This ZigBee relay unit has one dry contact relay output that can be connected to control various devices that take dry contact input. Maximum load is 5A that is typically more than sufficient, but not suitable to control lights or other heavy loads. 

The relay can be wired from Normally Open (NO) or Normaly Closed (NC) terminals depending on the use case. 

Input power source for operation can be selected with three models: 5 V DC, 12-24 V DC or 110-230 V AC

In practice, with this device you can turn any device that has a button (that can be wired) to be remote controllable. This enables your home automation logic and rules also to control any device or appliacne.

Control garage door opener

Open and close garage doors that have dry contact input (switch) terminals.

Control A/C ventialtion boost

Connect to A/C ventilation boost switch terminals to automate ventolation with Cozify Hub rules e.g. based on humidity or temperature.

Versatile features

  • Three models depending on power source availability
  • Both wiring options available: Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC)
  • Reliable ZigBee connection
Product model PRL-1ZBS-AC
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