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Seamless integration for security cameras

How does it work?

Increase the protection of your home with the security cameras. Watch real time video, create rules to start recording when movement is detected or doorbell rings.

When the doorbell rings
When movement is detected
When fire alarm is initiated
When water is detected
When door is opened
Camera will start recording automatically *
* Recording and snapshots requires subscription. Live view is a free of charge feature.
Get notification(Push, sms and email)
Watch real time video or recorded clips

All video clips are stored into secure Cozify cloud. If you want, hub sends snapshots into your email account. All traffic between Cozify Hub, cloud and phone is secured.

Supported cameras

Cozify hub is compatible with following ONVIF-cameras:

Recommended cameras for indoors use:

Recommended cameras for outdoors use:

Other supported camera models for indoors use:

  • Smarteye NCM624AGA
  • Smarteye NCM624AGA
  • Smarteye NCM629GB
  • Smarteye NCM625GB
  • Smarteye 750GB
  • Foscam C2
  • Opticam i4 DB HD
  • Opticam i5 HD
  • Opticam i6 DB

Other supported camera models for outdoors use:

  • Smarteye 754GA
  • Smarteye 754GA
  • Foscam FI9900P
  • Foscam FI9853EP
  • Fuj:Tech Mini
  • Fuj:Tech PTZ HD IP
  • Opticam O3
  • Opticam O4
  • Opticam O7

How to get started?

The best way to get started is ordering Cozify Camera Bundle that contains Cozify Hub, a motion sensor and an IP-camera. NOTE: Minimun requirement for network bandwith is 1 MB uplink, 2 MB preferred.

Already own Cozify Hub? To order your camera click here.

Read more about the bundle:

Choose ready thought bundle from our web shop, and add devices as you wish. Few example devices below. Cozify Hub: