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Control dimming with in-wall Ubisys Dimmer D1

119.00 €

Estimated delivery time: 2-5 days
Control dimming with in-wall Ubisys Dimmer D1

This universal dimmer allows for a fluid "dimming" of conventional light bulbs, high-voltage halogen lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps with a conventional wound transformer, low-voltage halogen lamps with an electronic transformer, and even dimmable LEDs and CFL lamps. Unfortunately conventional fluorescent lights can not be dimmed. All essential electric properties (R/L/C) of the attached end devices are gauged when switched on and then the best suited dimming mode (forward or reverse phase control, also known as leading and trailing edge, respectively) will be selected automatically. But it is also possible to bypass auto mode and specify the dimming mode manually. The end device should not exceed loads of 500VA and peak currents no more than 2,5A

This component has one connection for end devices (output, load) and two connections for operating elements (switch or push-button). Push-buttons can also be set up to regulate a group of lamps or even activate scenarios.

Invisible: The universal dimmer D1 can be placed flush-mount behind any socket, behind any light switch or into a wall or ceiling outlet — You will not have to replace any existing switches or sockets. Even if you only want to replace the old switches for aesthetic reasons our solution will keep you flexible in your choices. Simply select any range of switches and any manufacturer that you like and combine them to your liking. Only unconventional switches, e.g. those installed in bus-systems (KNX/EIB) are incompatible. Being amongst the flattest in-wall modules, if not the flattest available on the market today, installation comes very easy.

The wireless components used in the smart home system by ubisys are based on the international standards IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee. This guarantees long term availability of all components thus protecting your investment.

Due to the resilient and innovative radio controlled technology there are no special skills needed when installed. This solution not only makes it ideal for new buildings but also for redevelopments and renovations. Additional components can be added and perfectly integrated into your smart home by and by. This leaves the decision when and how extensively you want to expand your system entirely up to you.

Product datasheet

Technical details


Exciting features

  • Compact size for in-wall installation
  • 1 dimming end devices
  • 2 operating elements (push-buttons, not controllable by Cozify Hub)
  • Enables remote control
  • Retain the function of existing wall switch
  • Uses ZigBee radio
  • Supported by Cozify Hub
  • Automatic firmware updates directly with Cozify

Turn lights on and off automatically, dimmed if you wish

When used with PIR, turn lights on when you step into room or you come home from work. Set the brightness of your lights to follow your daily routines. Bright and energized in the morning, and dimmed in the evening.


Remote and automated use

Use lights remotely, or set the lights to turn on and off automatically to make it look like someone's home.

Communication Zigbee
Rated voltage 230 V ~, 50 Hz
Max. switching power 500 VA per output
Power consumption in sleep mode <0,3 "
Size 47 mm x 43 mm x 12 mm

Manufacturer product details: www.ubisys.de/en/smarthome/products-d1.html