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Proove / Telldus PIR Motion Sensor

17.90 €

Estimated delivery time: 2-8 days
Proove / Telldus PIR Motion Sensor

Easy to install and affordable 433Mhz motion sensor. 

Note: Cozify doesn't recomment this device to be placed in busy movement areas - once reporting movement, this sensor blocks other 433MHz devices communication for 2-3 seconds duration. For operation, requires Cozify Hub.

Turn on devices, lights or music when movement is detected. Or receive notification when someone is moving around your home when the house should be empty.

Works with Cozify Hub.


Exciting features

  • 433 Mhz frequency
  • Easy to take into use, simple setup process guided by Cozify app
  • Reports movement (notifications)*
  • Turn on lights when movement is detected*
  • Turn on music when movement is detected*
  • Turn on devices when movement is detected*
  • Supported by Cozify Hub

(* requires Cozify Hub)

Turn lights on automatically

Turn lights on when you step into room or you come home from work. (requires Cozify hub supported light bulbs)

Get notifications

Get notification if someone is moving at your house when no-one should be home.

Product id 311556
Battery voltage 2 x 1.5 V
Battery cell 2 x AAA (batteries included)
Detection range 110° cone, 12 meters (based on notification from the manufacturer)
Communication 433 Mhz
Protection class IP20
Communication range Up to 20 m, Open field
Color White