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Nexa WMR-1000 In-Wall On/Off Switch

17.90 €

Estimated delivery time: 2-8 days
Nexa WMR-1000 In-Wall On/Off Switch

Nexa WMR-1000 on/off in-wall receiver is for fixed installation behind existing switches for Incandescent, Halogen, Fluorescent and LED lights. Retains the function of the existing wall switch and enables remote control.

Works beautifully with Cozify Hub.

NOTE: All setup and installation work must be done by professional with adequate installationlincense!


Exciting features

  • Compact Size
  • In-wall mounted
  • Enables remote control
  • Retain the function of existing wall switch
  • Uses 433 Mhz radio
  • Supported by Cozify Hub

Turn lights on automatically

When used with PIR, turn lights on when you step into room or you come home from work.

Remote and automated use

Use lights remotely, or set the lights to turn on and off automatically to make it look like someone's home.

Communication 433 Mhz
Number of memory slots 6
Input voltage 220 - 240 V AC
Power consumption in sleep mode <0.5
Max load 1000 W resistive load
Bulbs and halogen 300 W
Low energy bulbs and LED 120 W
Size 40 mm x40 mm x 15 mm