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Motion Sensor (various manufacturers)

39.90 €

Estimated delivery time: 2-8 days
Motion Sensor (various manufacturers)

Motion detectors add both security and advanced home automation features to your connected home. You can be notified when there’s movement in a certain area and even trigger lighting scenes, and security alarms based on the detection of motion.

For high quality: Philips Hue Motion

Price: 39.90 €

Size: 55mm x 55mm x 25mm

Philips motion sensor is one of the most reliable motion sensors out there. It has temperature and light level sensors built-in that enable various additional automations for your home. It's small size and magnetic base make it easy to install. Indoor use only.

Product leaflet

Another High quality choice: Develco Motion Sensor Mini

Price: 39.90 €

Size: 70mm x 70mm x 21mm

The Develco Mini motion sensor is smaller than it's predecessor and it has an improved battery lifespan. It has an internal temperature sensor for additional information and automation. It also supports OTA-firmware updates directly with Cozify Hub. Indoor use only.

Product datasheet
Installation manual

Affordable choice: Heiman Smart Motion Sensor

Price: 32.00 €

Size: 65mm x 65mm x 10mm

The Heiman Smart Motion sensor is a bit cheaper than the others, but also a bit slower to react (1 sec). Therefore it suits better for burglary alarms than direct control of lights based on movement. Indoor use only.

User manual

For outdoor use: Nexa

Price: 29 €

Size: 85mm 95mm x 50mm

This Nexa motion detector can also work outdoors. On the hindside it uses the one directional 433 MHz radio that is not as reliable as ZigBee and does not create a mesh network to extend it's range. Therefore it needs to be within the direct radio range of Cozify Hub (up to 20 meters)

User manual

Exciting features

  • Easy to install
  • Long Battery Life (up to 2 - 3 years)
  • ZigBee wireless Low Power Communication
  • Supported by Cozify Hub

Turn lights on automatically

Turn lights on when you step into room or you come home from work. (requires Cozify hub supported light bulbs).

Get notifications

Get notification if someone is moving at your house when no-one should be home.

Philips Develco Centralite Heiman Nexa
Model Hue Motion MOSZB-140 3328 HS1MS LMDT-810
Battery type 2 x AAA
2 x AA
1 x CR-2450 1 x CR123A 2 x AAA
Battery life 2 - 3 years 2 - 3 years 2 - 3 years Over 1 year Over 1 year
Radio Reliable ZigBee Reliable ZigBee Reliable ZigBee Reliable ZigBee One directional 433 MHz
More Info   User manual Data Sheet