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New consumer smart home hub - Cozify ION!

07 Dec '21

Cozify has redesigned and modernized their smart home controller for consumers. The new smart home hub, designed and manufactured in Finland, was named Cozify ION.

Cozify ION is a smart home controller that securely combines smart home devices from different manufacturers into a single entity. Through Cozify ION, residents can manage the lighting and ventilation in their home and minimize risks (Smoke Guard, Water Leak Guard, Burglar Guard). Like its predecessor Cozify HUB, Cozify ION also enables smart indoor climate monitoring e.g. humidity and temperature, as well as messaging the user regarding exceptional situations.

"Cozify ION is a modernized version of Cozify's previous smart home controller Cozify HUB. From now on, Cozify ION will replace Cozify HUB in our product range. In addition to designing the appearance of our device, ION has redesigned the software bringing more reliability and better functionality to smart living," says Kimmo Ruotoistenmäki, CEO of Cozify.

The changes brought about by Cozify ION compared to its predecessor, Cozify HUB, mean the following in practical terms for the consumer:

- ION will replace the older Cozify HUB 1.1 consumer version with a new version based on Cozify's 2.0 HW design.

- ION adds reliability to the functionality of the Cozify smart home, for example through a built in "watch dog" that automatically deals with faults (e.g., unexpected power surges). Situations where the device would have to reset, for example, by visiting the site after a thunderstorm, are even less frequent than before.

- ION has a wider range of options for connecting smart home devices from different manufacturers. ION supports e.g. Somfy's smart blinds.

- Zigbee and Z-Wave radios are also new models of their respective technologies, with improved security. ION's Zigbee radio can be updated, taking into account, among other things, new protocols coming to the market (e.g., Matter).

- The larger amount of memory in the new ION, as well as the more efficient processing power, improve the performance of the device.

- In addition to the new stylish design, the ION can be wall mounted, or sit on a tabletop.

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