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Collaboration between Cozify and Swegon guarantees smart ventilation at home

Cozify and Swegon agreed to work together to ensure the ventilation of smart homes. Cozify offers a solution that combines home devices into a smart whole. Swegon brings its ventilation solutions to this whole.

"At the heart of both of Swegon's and Cozify's operations is the improvement of comfort and safety in houses and blocks of flats through technology, so it is natural to cooperate in this regard," says Kimmo Ruotoistenmäki, CEO of Cozify.

Cozify has created a concept for construction and real estate professionals called "Certified by Cozify", a quality guarantee for the compatibility of smart home systems from different manufacturers with Cozify's ZEN smart home device. The "Certified by Cozify" concept brings together solutions for home ventilation, safety, energy consumption monitoring and optimization, heating, lighting, and entertainment.

"Swegon is the first ventilation partner with whom we have carried out integration with Cozify's ZEN smart home device, and thus Swegon CASA is now part of the "Certified by Cozify" quality guarantee," says Ruotoistenmäki.

This cooperation means that ventilation has now joined the smart home group of comforts and utilities. In this case, ventilation and heating can be optimized automatically to improve both indoor conditions and energy efficiency.

"We spend most of the day indoors. To be well, we need fresh, healthy indoor air. The Swegon CASA smart ventilation system measures the interior conditions of the home and automatically adjusts ventilation so that it always has enough clean indoor air. The compatibility of Swegon CASA ventilation units with the Cozify ZEN smart home device enables measurement data to be used in new ways. Our cooperation brings many new benefits to smart living," says Lars Norrdal from Swegon.

The aim is to strengthen cooperation in order to benefit the sale of both singe homes and blocks of flats. "Cozify promises to offer customers easy-to-design, installable and usable smart home solutions. Swegon's ventilation fits perfectly into this cost-effective whole," says Ruotoistenmäki.


Swegon Group AB, owned by Investment AB Latour, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, is a market leading supplier in the field of indoor environment, offering solutions for ventilation, heating, cooling and climate optimisation, as well as connected services and expert technical support. Swegon has subsidiaries in and distributors all over the world and 16 production plants in Europe, North America and India. The company employs more than 2 600 people and in 2020 had a turnover of 600 million EUR.

Through smart home solutions, Cozify connects people, energy efficiency, safety, and comfort. We're doing this on a manufacturer-independent technology platform. Our intelligent systems serve individual residents and entire cities equally. Cozify is a Finnish company founded in 2013.