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Osram Lightify Plug

34.90 €

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Osram Lightify Plug

Osram Lightify Plug enables switching of conventional light sources and other electric devices on and off using Zigbee network.

Turn devices on or off using your smartphone or tablet. Set schedules and control devices remotely using a mobile internet connection.


Supported by Cozify Hub

With Cozify Hub you can automate the switch to turn on when someone steps into room or comes home from work.


Exciting features

  • Turn electronics on or off — from anywhere
  • Operates over Zigbee network
  • Put your electronic devices on a schedule
  • Plugs into any regular 240V wall outlet
  • High switching power: up to 3,680 W / 16 A
  • To function, requires Cozify Hub or other

Turn electric devices on automatically

Turn fan on or off from the couch. Or set your chili plant lights to turn on and off with an optimal schedule.

Technical details

Manufacturer Osram
Model Osram Lightify Plug
Operating frequency 50 Hz
Nominal voltage 220…240 V
Maximum switchable current 16 A
Maximum switchable wattage 3680 W
Rated value of impulse withstand voltage 1500 V
Type of load Ohm resistive load
Ambient temperature range -20…+40 °C
Type of protection IP20