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Cozify Camera Bundle (save over 50€!)

359.00 €

Estimated delivery time: 2-8 days
Cozify Camera Bundle (save over 50€!)

Monitor your home wherever you are.

Please note, Cozify camera feature to work properly, your internet connection uplink should be at least 1 MB (2 MB is preferred). If you want to save videos in addition to the live-view, you'll need also (Cozify Premium Camera Service).

Cozify Camerabundle includes:

  • Cozify Hub 249€

    The heart of your smart home.

    Cozify Hub enables the communication between different smart devices in your home. The hub and the devices are controlled via an easy-to-use mobile application. This beautiful product is designed and manufactured in Finland.

    Product page

  • Wifi IP Camera (two options)

    Good quality Foscam IP camera. Watch live video wherever and whenever you want. Start recording automatically when motion is detected.

    All video clips are stored into secure Cozify cloud. If you want, hub sends screenshots into your email account. All traffic between Cozify Hub, cloud and phone is secured.

    Camera options are (choose the camera before purchase):

    Foscam C2 (indoor camera) 124€/pcs if purchased separately

    Foscam FI9900P (outdoor camera) 134€/pcs if purchased separately

    Examples of use

    • Watch live video wherever you are
    • Start recording when movement is detected *requires premium service
    • Watch recorded clips remotely *requires premium service
  • Philips Hue Motion Sensor 39,90€

    Reliable, small and non-distractive wall or ceiling mountable ZigBee motion sensor

    Product page

    Examples of use

    • Lights and music on from movement
    • If the heat level rises or falls above the threshold value, Cozify sends a notification to your mobile or put on lights with a desired color
    • If no movement is detected during a certain time period, Cozify turns off lights automatically
    • If there's movement in the house while nobody's home, Cozify puts on the music and lights and sends a notification to your mobile

Modernize your home with style

Peace of mind when you are not at home

High quality live video feed from your home assures you that everything is fine at your home when you are not at home yourself

Monitor your home when you are on holiday even in different country

If something unexpected happens at your home when you are on holiday, Cozify provides you live feed from your home while recording

Make sure your pets are doing fine

Ever wondered what your pets are doing while you are away? Make sure everything is fine and capture evidence if the little weasel is up to something funny.

Monitor the house temperature

You can monitor the temperature of your home from anywhere. If the temperate goes above a threshold value, Cozify sends you a notifcation about it to your mobile.

Adjusts according to different situations

At night lights turn on dimmed. Whether relaxed, energized or sociable, lighting always follows your mood.

Cozify is very diverse

You can also automate the following:

  • Make your home seem inhabited while you are away
  • Receive a notication when your child arrives home from school
  • While you are on vacation and movement is detected at your home, camera captures the intruder and lights and music go on in your appartment (requires a supported camera)
  • During winter time the heating of your car can be turned and kept on according the outside temperature (requires a smart outdoor powersocket and outdoor temperature sensor)

How Cozify works?

Cozify hub is the heart of your smart home. Connect Cozify Hub to your home WiFi network and connect devices to the Hub via Cozify's easy-to-use mobile applicaton. Cozify Hub connects different vendors' devices to an easy-to-use and stylish entity.

User Experience

Cozify Hub is controlled via an easy-to-use mobile app. Cozify works independently and automatically through sensors and according to the time of the day exactly the way you wish. Different devcies and also controlled straight via the Cozify mobile app.


For who? What's needed?

Cozifyn can be installed to an old or new, small or big appartment. In order for it to work, Cozify needs electricity, a WiFi router and a mobile device (iOS, Android). Internet connection is not necessary, but it enables the remote controlling of your home's devices through anywhere, no matter are you on a holiday trip or at work.

You don't need to be an engineer to use or install Cozify. Cozify is used via an easy-to-use mobile application.

Easy to use and install. Your whole family can use Cozify.

The application works in following platforms and their later versions: iOS 9.0 and Android 4.1

You can add new devices to Cozify according your needs on your own phase.

More examples of use

  • Wake-up lights start to wake you up in the dawn, your preferred music or radio channel is set on automatically, and coffee is brewed just in time. Mornings have never been this relaxing. (Wireless speakers not included in the bundle.)
Wifi: Wifi (Requires external Wifi-router)
Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 (HW-ready)
Zigbee: Zigbee 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.15.4
433MHz: ITU Region 1, 433.05 to 434.79 MHz
Z-Wave: 868 Mhz (HW-ready)
Power supply: AC 240 V