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AirPatrol Wifi

254.00 €

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AirPatrol Wifi

Intelligent control of your air conditioner can reduce energy consumption up to 25%. This means AirPatrol can pay for itself in 18 months.

Not only does it save you money, it makes life more comfortable.

Check the room temperature and humidity level, and when used with Cozify Hub, create rules accordingly (when room humidity level exceeds 50%, turn the air conditioner on).

With Cozify Hub you can take the control of your air conditioner even higher level. Choose from 20 different rule types and create almost endless number of combinations. Example rules:

  • When door is opened and kept open more than 2 minutes, turn the air conditioner off. And turn it on again when door is closed.
  • Turn the airconditioner on, when someone enters the room. And turn it off, when the room is empty.
  • If room temperature is lower than 5C, turn the air conditioner on on heating mode. And turn it off, when the room temperature exceeds 20C.
  • Schedule the air conditioner to turn on on between 7am and 6pm.


Exciting features

  • Easy to setup and install
  • Support for 24 different brands
  • Remote control air conditioner wherever you are
  • Turn the air conditioner on and off
  • Set the mode to heat / dry / cool / auto
  • Temperature setting between +10C - +30C
  • Set the fan speed to auto / min / norm / max
  • Set the air conditioner to swing mode
  • Supported by Cozify Hub
  • 20 different rule types, for example
    • Turn off when door/window is opened
    • Turn on when motion is detected
    • Turn on based on room humidity level
    • Turn on based on room temperature
    • Use temperature information to send notifications (if temperature is lower than 5C, send push/sms/email notification)
    • Use humidity information to send notifications
    • Turn other devices on/off based on temperature and humidity information
    • Schedule device on/off

Turn air conditioner off when door or window is opened

One of the most useful rules is capability to control the air conditioner automatically based on if door/window is open or close. You can define the delay the air conditioner is turned off. For example, turn air conditioner off if door/window has been over over 3 minutes.

Turn air conditioner on when someone is in the room

To create this rule, you need to have one Cozify Hub supported motion sensor. Using Cozify application, it is easy to create a rule to turn on the air conditioner only when someone is in the room. And turn it off after the room has been empty for 5 minutes. You can define delay from rule details.

Power 220 V
Communication Wifi
Color White

See the full list of supported brands: