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Cozify team has been involved in many things. From building startup companies to developing business for publicly traded companies. Sometimes selling services and marketing products, both domestically and internationally. At times designing high availability services. Not to forget hard core coding. Occasionally failing, but always learning.

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Vesa Lindfors

UI Vesa is our UI thinker and doer. Great user interfaces and happy users have been on the top of his agenda since 1997. And the journey continues. Entrepreneur. Motto: Life is too short for frustrating experiences.

Jarkko Lunnas

Design Mr. Design - brand, hub design, UI design, user experience, web pages, videos, etc. visual production. All this and a lot more. Jarkko makes sure the pixels and atoms end up exactly on their right place.

Kimmo Ruotoistenmäki

Commander in Chief Kimmo is a handyman who changes hat between business development and technology like snapping fingers. Second generation entrepreneur has passion for startups and creating something new. +358 40 352 88 98

Samppa Turunen

CTO A technical miracle man with a strong sense for functional user journeys.

Aki Ruotoistenmäki

Software technologies A geek - and proud of it. Head architect with a capital H. Not everybody can say he's planned and developed governmental vessel operation management systems. This is just a tiny bit more important - one's own home.


Magnificient person Your description should be here if you are cool, splendid, stunning, astonishing, wonderful and marvellous person. And feel you definitely should be working with us. Send contact details to info@cozify.fi.

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