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Develco Smart Plug Mini (Schuko)

39.90 €

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Develco Smart Plug Mini (Schuko)

Monitor and control home electronics

Develco Products’ Smart Plug Mini is an intelligent remotely controlled adapter. The Smart Plug Mini enables the user to control electrical equipment by switching it on or off remotely.

The Smart Plug Mini allows the user to instantly turn on and off any device from across the world - or from the living room. The undemanding Cozify application interface ensures an easy and intuitive way of adding the smart plug to your smart home system.

Product datasheet
Installation manual


Exciting features

  • Small Smart Plug
  • Turn your devices on and off where ever you are
  • Schedule your devices to turn on and off automatically
  • ZigBee Home Automation certified
  • Supported by Cozify Hub
  • Automatic firmware updates directly with Cozify

Turn fan, floor lamp, coffee machine, iron, home entertainment center, or almost any other device on or off from the couch. Or set your chili plant lights to turn on and off with an optimal schedule.

Product id SPLZB-131
Current range 10A continuous, 16A (max 15 min.)
Voltage range 207 to 253 VAC
Power consumption 0.4 W
Radio frequency ZigBee
IP class IP40
Operation temperature 0 to +40°C
Dimension Ø 41 X 45 mm
Color White