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Proove / Telldus indoor and outdoor thermometer

21.90 €

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Proove / Telldus indoor and outdoor thermometer

One device to monitor outdoor and indoor temperature.

Turn devices, music, lights on and/or off based on the outdoor or indoor temperature. Or indoor humidity level. Or check the temperature or humidity remotely.

Works beautifully with Cozify Hub. 

NOTE: For remote operation, requires Cozify Hub!


Easy to use thermometer with 2 LCD-displays

  • 433 Mhz frequency
  • Easy to take into use, Cozify Hub detects sensor automatically
  • Reports outdoor and indoor temperature*
  • Reports approximate humidity level*
  • Supported by Cozify Hub

(* requires Cozify Hub)

Monitor temperature remotely

  • Check temperature from everywhere
  • Turn devices on/off based on outdoor or indoor temperature*
  • Turn lights on/off based on outdoor or indoor temperature*

Monitor humidity remotely

  • Check approximate indoor humidity levey from everywhere
  • Turn devices on based on humidity*
  • Change lights color on based on humidity*

Product id 311501 / 312203
Battery voltage 2 x 1.5 V
Battery cell 2 x AAA (batteries included)
Operating temperature -40..+60 C
Communication 433 Mhz
Max number of devices in one setup 8 pcs
Protection class IP44
Communication range Up to 20m, Open field
Color White