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Osram Lightify Smart Bulb, Color

45.00 €

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Osram Lightify Smart Bulb, Color
The light bulb of the future - modern, outstanding replacement for a 60-watt incandescent lamp.

This light source is ideal for helping you to relax, keeping your home safe or even changing decoration. Works beautifully with Cozify homeautomation.

Tunable White mode (2,000 - 6,500 Kelvin) and RGB mode with all imaginable colors.

Change color and dim lights with a press of a button, or turn lights on when someone enters the room (requires Cozify Hub and supported motion sensor).

Uses at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting!

NOTE: For operation, requires Cozify Hub or other bulb supported hub or bridge!


Exiting features

  • 2,000 - 6,500 Kelvin for stepless switching between relaxing warm white and stimulating cool white.
  • RGB color control for countless light colors
  • Continuously dimmable, providing all desired luminous intensities
  • Automatic firmware updates directly with Cozify

Change decoration

Change the mood of your home, feel more energized or relaxed, or change the color or ligtning when you change the furnishing of your home.

Feel relaxed

Get full control over the light in your life. Set the mood. Change the ambience. Feel different.

With tunable white light and a full spectrum of color, all at the tap of an app, you can set the perfect tone and enhance a moment. All in an instant.

Keep your home safe

Set the lights to turn on and off when you are traveling.

Product name Osram LIGHTIFY Classic A60 RGBW
Luminous flux 810 lumen
Wattage 10 watt
Voltage 220 - 240 volt
Light output up to 81 lumen per watt
Color temperature 2,000 - 6,500 Kelvin
Dimensions 60 x 110 millimeters
Lifespan 20,000 hours