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Heiman Smart Smoke Detector

35.90 €

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Heiman Smart Smoke Detector

Heiman smoke detector is a smart photoelectric smoke sensor, with ultra-low-power ZigBee wireless network technology design. It is capable of real-time detecting the presence of smoke and sound alarm once detecting danger.

The Heiman smoke detector will alert you about smoke while at home, using a loud sound as a warning. While away you can be alarmed by push notification, SMS or email through Cozify Hub.

The wireless Heiman smoke detector is battery powered ZigBee-device and easily mounted to the ceiling with the included screws.

Works beautifully with Cozify Hub.

User manual


Exciting features

  • Smoke sensor
  • ZigBee Home Automation certified
  • Get push message to mobile phone if smoke is detected*
  • Get email notification if smoke is detected*
  • Turn off a device if smoke is detected*
  • Flash lights in red when smoke is detected*
  • Supported by Cozify Hub

(* requires Cozify Hub)


Turn alarm on when smoke, water or unwanted visitors are noticed.

Get notification if smoke is detected

With Cozify Hub, create a rule to send notification if smoke is detected.

Shut off a device when smoke is detected

With Cozify Hub, create a rule to shut off a device e.g. with a smart power plug, if smoke is detected. With this you can shut off AC or ventilation machine, or event an electric stove if it is connected with a remote controlled relay unit (FNIP relay units)

Battery DC3V (CR123A lithium battery) (included)
Siren output ≥80dB/3m
Radio frequency ZigBee
Working humidity ≤ 95 % RH
Dimension 60 mm × 60 mm × 49.2 mm
Color White