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Cozify Camera Premium Service - 6 months subscription

59.40 €

Estimated delivery time: 1-2 days
Cozify Camera Premium Service - 6 months subscription

Cozify Premium Camera Service, 9,90€ / month.

Cozify Premium Camera service allows Cozify Hub users to record video to Cozify Cloud with an extended set of camera rules.

Note: You will receive an additional email notification (activation code) to activate the camera service.

In order to use Camera Premium Servce you'll need Cozify Hub and a supported IP-Camera - get easily started now by ordering the Cozify Camera Bundle from here

Cozify Premium Service enables you:

  • An extended set of camera rules
  • Snapshots to email via rules
  • 2.5GB storage for your recorded videos (4+ hours of HD video)
  • Add up to 3 connected cameras for simultaneous viewing

Examples of exciting camera rules

  • Start recording, when movement is detected
  • Start recording, when alarm is initiated
  • Start recording, when doorbell rings
  • Start recording, when water is detected
  • Start recording, when door is opened
  • Set camera to record video at certain time (timer)
  • Get snapshot, when movement is detected
  • Get snapshot, when door is opened
  • Get snapshot, when doorbell rings

Examples of use

Peace of mind when you are not at home

High quality live video feed from your home assures you that everything is fine at your home when you are not at home yourself

Monitor your home when you are on holiday even in different country

If something unexpected happens at your home when you are on holiday, Cozify provides you live feed from your home while recording

Make sure your pets are doing fine

Ever wondered what your pets are doing while you are away? Make sure everything is fine and capture evidence if the little weasel is up to something funny.

User Experience

Cozify Hub is controlled via an easy-to-use mobile app. Cozify works independently and automatically through sensors and according to the time of the day exactly the way you wish. Different devcies and also controlled straight via the Cozify mobile app.


For who? What's needed?

Cozifyn can be installed to an old or new, small or big appartment. In order for it to work, Cozify needs electricity, a WiFi router and a mobile device (iOS, Android). Internet connection is not necessary, but it enables the remote controlling of your home's devices thorugh anywhere, no matter are you on a holiday trip or at work.

You don't need to be an engineer to use or install Cozify. Cozify is used via an easy-to-use mobile application.